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Latest Updates

On April 25, 2016, the National Energy Board (NEB) issued a report recommending that Governor in Council (GIC) approve the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Program, subject to 89 conditions. Should GIC approve this project, it will order the NEB to issue a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. You can read the full Recommendation Report here [Filing A76575].

What’s Next?

The Federal government has announced an interim approach that includes principles and plans for reviewing major natural resource projects.

For projects currently under NEB review, the Federal government is taking steps to ensure consistency with these principles. To learn more about how these interim measures are being implemented, please visit the Manager Project Management Office’s Line 3 Pipeline Replacement Project page.

GIC is expected to release its decision by November 25, 2016.

Project Information

On November 5, 2014, Enbridge Pipelines Inc. submitted an application [Folder 2546069] for the Line 3 Replacement Program. The proposed project would include:

  • Replacing the existing Line 3, 863.6 mm crude oil pipeline with a new, 914.4 mm crude oil pipeline;
  • the addition of remotely operated sectionalizing valves;
  • the replacement of some or all Line 3 pumps and associated infrastructure and equipment;
  • the addition of tankage at the Hardisty Terminal; and
  • the decommissioning of the existing Line 3 pipeline.

Some temporary infrastructure, such as access roads, a worker camp, stockpile sites and contractor staging areas would also be required during construction.

The majority of the replacement pipeline would be situated adjacent to Enbridge’s Mainline System corridor.  The typical width of the construction Right of Way would be 45 m, including 12 m of permanent easement.

If this project is approved, the targeted in-service date is early 2019. Decommissioning activities are proposed to begin once the replacement pipeline is in service, and would take 12 to 18 months to complete.


Map - Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Line 3 Replacement

Detailed route maps for the proposed Line 3 replacement pipeline are in Parts 1-18 of Appendix 2 (Environmental Alignment Sheet Package), found here: Filing A64179. Revised Re-Route Figures can be found here: Document A4L1G2, Document A4L1G3, Document A4L1G4 and Document A4L1G5.

Note: Environmental Alignment Sheets Index Maps are found here: Document A4E6X5 and Document A4E6X6. Revised Alignment Sheets can be found here: Document A4L1G6 and Document A4L1G7.

Detailed route maps for the existing Line 3 pipeline which Enbridge proposes to decommission are in Parts 1-14 of Appendix 12 (Decommissioning Environmental Technical Report) found here: Filing A64181.

Note: Decommissioning Alignment Sheets Index Maps are found here: Document A4E7E0.

Hearing Process Updates

On 4 February 2015, the Board determined that the application is complete to proceed to assessment, and announced that it will hold a public hearing. The following describes the Board’s typical hearing process and includes key dates. For additional information about the Board’s hearing process, please consult the National Energy Board Hearing Process Handbook.

  1. The Project Description was filed on 18 July 2014 [Filing A61876]
  2. The Application was filed on 5 November 2014 [Folder 2546069].
  3. The Application was determined complete to proceed to assessment on 4 February 2015 [Filing A65762].
  4. Application to Participate closed on 31 March 2015 [Filing A65763].
    The Board has reviewed the Applications to Participate and has issued the List of Participants. The List of Participants contains the Board’s decision on who is allowed to participate in the hearing and whether they can participate as a Commenter or Intervenor [Filing A69721]. Funds awarded through our Participant Funding Program are announced in the Participant Funding Report.
  5. Hearing Order Issued
    The Hearing Order is a key document that outlines how the hearing will take place, the roles and responsibilities of participants and any associated timelines. The Board issued the Hearing Order on 4 May 2015 [Filing A69826]. The Board issued an amended List of Issues on 29 May 2015 [Filing A70437].
  6. Evidence and Questions
    On 13 November, the Board issued Procedural Update No. 3 which provides a schedule and guidance to participants for the oral portion of the hearing [Filing A73959].

List of Issues

The Board has identified, but is not obliged to limit itself to, the following issues for potential consideration in the proceeding with respect to the proposed Line 3 Replacement Program (Project). These issues pertain, as applicable, to both the proposed construction and operation of the new Line 3 pipeline and the proposed decommissioning of the existing Line 3 pipeline. The Board issued an amended List of Issues on 29 May 2015. [Filing A70437]

  1. The need for the Project.
  2. The economic feasibility of the Project.
  3. The potential commercial impacts of the Project.
  4. The potential environmental and socio-economic effects of the Project, including those to be considered under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012.
  5. The appropriateness of the general route and land requirements for the Project.
  6. The suitability of the design of the Project.
  7. Potential impacts of the Project on Aboriginal interests.
  8. Potential impacts of the Project on landowners and land use.
  9. Contingency planning for product release, accidents or malfunctions, during construction and operation of the Project.
  10. The suitability of the decommissioning plan for the existing Line 3 pipeline including whether the decommissioning is appropriately an interim step to eventual abandonment or whether it is the final step in the pipeline’s lifecycle.
  11. Safety and security during construction and operation of the Project, including emergency response planning and third-party damage prevention.
  12. The terms and conditions to be included in any recommendation or approval the Board may issue for the Project.

Regulatory Documents

  • All regulatory documents, including the project application, are available through the NEB website [Folder 2545522]

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